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Are you looking for a new residential garage door? You have probably seen most types of doors available and all the materials available. There is one type of door that is not very popular, but might add something new to your home. Maybe you should look into the sliding garage door. This type of garage door is supported on top and bottom by runners that are guided by a track. The track leads the doors to convenient storage usually on the side walls of the garage itself. The door is made from several vertical sections which are hinged in order to enable them to turn corners. This is probably a totally different type of door than you have ever seen in your neighborhood. In order for you to make the correct decision in a garage door in your home you should understand how they all work and their advantages and disadvantages. Let us now tell you a little more about sliding garage doors so you can make the right decision.

  • The sliding garage door does not lay again your ceiling. Because of this, you now have room for storage above your car. It also does not have an area that must stay clear so that it is able to open.
  • Since there is no opening space needed, your vehicle could be inches from the door without getting hit while it is opening. You will not have to worry about toys being hit or other vehicles.
  • It is also great because all of the weight of the garage door is on the tracks. This is much better because tilt up or roll up garage doors put all the weight on a track or machine that is hanging from the ceiling. The tracks for a sliding door are on the floor so there is nothing being put under intense weight that might break causing the door to crash down.
  • These doors only require low powered motors because they are not being lifted off of the ground.
  • There is not limit as to how large your garage opening is. A sliding garage door also does not need to be broken into multiple pieces. You are able to have just one large piece that slides rather than multiple pieces that part in the middle.
  • Most rolling doors also have insulation in them already. They also come in a variety of styles such as a natural wood mimic or different colors of paint.

The only real downside to sliding Washington DC garage doors is that they are slightly more expensive to have installed. This is true because of the fittings that are needed. Obviously, the longer the track that is needed, the higher the cost will be to have it installed. If you decide to look into this type of garage door you should contact a professional so they can go more in depth about them.